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Conditional Access




Independently developed; with core technology; with independent intellectual property right; with the capability of life-long maintenance and upgrade; meet the individualized function requirements of subscriber and provide support to the constant development of operator

Plenty of project practice (application in hundreds of TV stations); long-term and stable operation (over 6years practical operation); over 1,500,000 STB (embedded TL CA) are used online.

Multiple practical systems succeed in simul-crypt operation

Support STB boot picture online upgrading

Support manual/auto addressing authorization

Screen display function; with broadcast/unicast function; release announcement, advertisement and charging information

PPT: charge by minute, each channel can set different rate

Support air-update, Loader

Recharge and pay by scratch card, which has solved the pay difficulties of the subscriber in rural areas. They can buy scratch card at the agent point, and then pay by telephone.  

Technical Specification


Comply with DVB Simulcrypt standard

Support 3,000,000 subscriber authorization at most

Be able to manage 500 programs

Authorization mode: based on stream or program, different starting and ending time are available

The fastest generating rate of EMM: 200 EMM/s

32 secret keys in each card

Smart card: comply with the security requirements of “PBOC Financial Transaction Card”; be able to store 350 authorizations at most. 

Reserved SMS interface for SMS smooth upgrade 

Connect SMS and smart card directly for authorization; Head-end manual/auto addressing authorization, support subscriber addressing, group addressing, region addressing, etc.

Support STB boot picture online upgrading

Screen display function; with broadcast/unicast function 

Convenient to release announcement, advertisement, and charging information; support email

Support online upgrade (LOADER); STB can be upgrade to support other CAS

Pay by scratch card: remote recharge by telephone

The fastest addressing rate: single addressing, 100,000/18s/channel

The system can use EMM with 100Kbit/s-6Mbit/s bandwidth, automatic and adjustable 

The generating rate of each ECM generator is 32/s

The fastest time for 6 authorization of unique addressing is 18s, 3.0MBbit/s bandwidth in need

Encryption algorithm: adopt 3DES with 128bit key length as based algorithm; the number of encryption layer is optional; with multiple secret keys; support machine and card matching


Support SMS of our company, meanwhile, the interface to the third party software is open .

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