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Description and purpose:

The 1RF/2RF/4RF DVB-C 8ASI Scrambler is a multifunctional device intended for multichannel digital TV broadcasting.

Modulators and four UP-converters.

and Up-converting. This device has been designed for use in cable TV network and it

is especially convenient for hotels and cottage settlements networks due to its ease of

operation and cost effectiveness.

The 1RF/2RF/4RF DVB-C 8ASI Scrambler allows you to organize a small CATV

network for broadcasting about 30 programs with a system for channels monitoring on PC. The device can replace four remultiplexers, four scramblers, four DVB-C scrambling, QAM modulating

 1RF/2RF/4RF DVB-C 8ASI provides TS remultiplexing.

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